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Tree Pruning or Tree Removal Project? Rent the Correct Tree Cutting Equipment in Lake Forest!

Nearly every Lake Forest home has trees in its yard. Inevitably, homeowners face a day where tree limbs need pruning, or a tree has to be removed in total and its stump ground up.


Tree services can cost thousands of dollars. If a tree trimming or tree removal project is urgent – such as threatening your home or other structures - you might not be able to wait to get on a tree company’s schedule, either.


For a competent do-it-yourselfer in Lake Forest – or a novice able to watch a few instructional YouTube videos – the answer is landscape equipment and forestry mulcher rental from Tool Time Rental!


Tree cutting equipment rental at Tool Time Rental readies you for every step of tree trimming or tree removal. From tree cutting to chipping or splitting wood, to grinding stumps, Tool Time Rental prepares you for success!


Before using any tree pruning tools or brush clearing equipment, grab appropriate safety gear. Eye protection is a must-have. Heavy gloves are smart. Hearing protection is recommended.


Ready to start to work? A chainsaw rental from Tool Time Rental prepares you to cut fast and smart. You can rent a chainsaw in 18-inch or 20-inch sizes. A 13-foot pole saw is available, too, allowing you to reach higher branches from the ground.


Want to get higher still? Tool Time Rental has towable lifts for rent that stretch 56 feet vertically! Access elevated tree limbs for cutting, or get into tight spots that might otherwise be unreachable.


A boom lift rental offers fantastic flexibility for tree trimming. The cherry picker stretches 28 feet horizontally, too – you can not only go high, but wide!


The tree sections, branches and brush are cut and on the ground. Now what?


If you desire firewood, a log splitter rental from Tool Time Rental heats things up. Able to cut both horizontally and vertically, this wood splitter rental handles logs up to 24 inches long.


The gas log splitter has its own trailer, too. If you have a 2-inch ball hitch, connect up and get ready to stock firewood. Tool Time Rental will deliver the firewood splitter to your Lake Forest house, too, if you’re unable to tow.


Wood mulch is great for planting beds and walkways. Make your own with a wood chipper rental from Tool Time Rental! These towable chipper rentals grind up brush, branches and logs into ready-to-use mulch.


Tool Time Rental offers three sizes of chipper shredder rentals, based on maximum limb diameter size they can shred: 6-inch, 9-inch or 13-inch. If you’re unsure which size you need, opt for larger. Here’s the bottom line: If you’re pruning trees or clearing a property, chipping up wood is far simpler than collecting pieces and hauling them away!


If you’re removing an entire tree, you’ll have a stump left over. Don’t be stumped about the next step – if you envision new plantings, or just want to avoid a trip hazard, grind it up!


Tool Time Rental has three sizes of stump grinder rentals. A 13 HP unit handles stumps up to 12 inches in diameter. The other two (27 HP and 35 HP) can take on any size. Your only decision is how fast you want the work done!


All three rental stump grinders dig up to 12 inches below grade. The 13 HP unit can be moved on a trailer or pulled with a tow bar. The larger units, both self-propelled like a lawn mower, are mounted on trailers. Again, Tool Time Rental will deliver to Lake Forest if you don’t have a hitch!


Tree pruning and cutting equipment mandates a user’s full attention. This machinery has plenty of sharp edges and moving parts. Shut off a machine before trying to clear out jammed pieces. Keep hands away from parts in motion.


If you’re ready to address the trees in your yard, Tool Time Rental has a full collection of tree-cutting tools and brush-clearing equipment. Bring your driver’s license and a valid credit card, and take home the gear to get the job done. If you want to call yourself the new Lake Forest Paul Bunyan, go ahead - you’ve earned it!

Tool Time Rental Rents Tree Trimming, Pruning & Removal Equipment near Lake Forest, WI