Tool Time Rental is the Perfect Equipment Rental Location for all of your Important Projects

Bobcat Skid Loader Rental

A Bobcat skid loader is perfect for many landscaping projects: moving soil, relocating stone, grading, breaking up ground, digging holes or trenches there’s one tool to for the job - a Bobcat skid loader.

Confined Landscaping or Excavation Area? Rent a Walk-Behind Skid Steer from Tool Time Rental

If you’re installing drain tile or extending electrical or water lines rent a walk-behind loader from equipment rental company Tool Time Rental. Operate the walk-behind skid steer from a platform. Great for land grading. Can be used with an auger for fence post holes or planting trees.

Need to Do Some Serious Digging?

Tool Time Rental rents two excavators: a machine able to dig 11-1/2 ft deep & a smaller unit capable of 9-1/2 ft. Both have mini-excavator attachments for projects like pool foundations, digging holes, breaking up asphalt or digging footings for a garage or house.

Need to Trim, Prune or Remove a Tree?

Tree services can cost thousands of dollars. If a tree trimming, pruning or tree removal project is urgent rent tree-cutting equipment rental at Tool Time Rental.  Rent equipment including chainsaws, a 13-foot pole saw, towable lifts, a boom lift or a log splitter.

Planning a Backyard Lawn and Garden Project?

Tool Time Rental in New Berlin is your one-stop lawn & garden equipment rental store.  We offer most all gardening & landscaping equipment needed for a backyard project; lawn aerators, walk and tow-behind aeration machines, sod cutters, tillers, edgers and augers.



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