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Major Yard or Planting Bed Project? Make it Straightforward With Lawn and Garden Equipment Rental in Carrollville!

Working in the yard can be back-breaking – almost literally! Digging and shoveling lead to cramped muscles and aching joints. Why not hang onto time, and your health, by renting motorized lawn and garden equipment in Carrollville?


Your complete lawn and garden equipment rental store isn’t far off from Carrollville, either: Tool Time Rental! With a full choice of equipment to meet all your lawn and landscaping requirements, Tool Time Rental will help get the work done – efficiently, smartly and affordably!


Most Carrollville homeowners have a lengthy agenda of lawn and garden projects. Whether you seek to grow more and better plants, or better the appearance of your yard and beds, Tool Time Rental will help create an outdoor environment you’ll value and be proud of.


Open with your lawn. Before investing in fertilizer or expensive treatments, how about letting nature deliver thicker, greener grass? A lawn aerator rental empowers Mother Nature by pulling soil plugs, allowing your grass to “breathe.” The yard aerator loosens compacted soil, creating channels for air, water and seed to get through.


Tool Time Rental offers Carrollville homeowners both walk-behind and tow-behind aeration machines. Select the one that’s best for you. These grass aerators are weighty – rent a trailer to transport, if need be. Ramps are available to pull or push the machines aboard.


Stripping out grass instead, perhaps to add or enlarge a planting bed or patio? A sod cutter rental allows precise removal of existing lawn. Just mark out the spot, and this grass removal tool does the rest.


Tool Time Rental provides sod cutters for rent in 18-inch and 12-inch widths. While a 1-inch depth is typical, these grass removal machines can be adjusted to cut deeper. Remove those grassroots entirely to avoid work down the line!


Planning a planting bed for new greenery? Rent a rototiller to loosen and turn over soil, and create a welcoming home! Just like a lawn aerator, a garden tiller digs openings for air, water and fertilizer, plus room for plant roots to expand. A rototiller rental will finish in minutes what otherwise might take hours of digging!


If you’re breaking ground in your Carrollville yard for the first time, a 28-inch rear tine tiller from Tool Time Rental has the power to grind thick compacted soil. Otherwise, a 24-inch mid-tine tiller suffices for mid-to large-size areas. If you’re functioning in a small or tight space, the 12-inch mini-tiller makes sharp turns, and quick stops and starts.


Defining the edges of planting beds, often with brick or plastic molding, is increasingly common. A garden edger from Tool Time Rental digs a small trench to easily put in edging materials. The opening is usually 4 inches deep by 2 to 3 inches wide – fathom having to dig, cut and remove all that soil by hand!


The edger tool is easy to use. Able to turn on a dime, the wheeled unit rolls easily and does the work. You just direct its path. Considering the alternative, you might find the bed edger one of the wisest investments you ever made!


Need to drill holes for a fence or deck? An auger rental digs deep for secure, stable foundations. Tool Time Rental has post hole diggers in 6-inch, 9-inch and 12-inch sizes. Choose one for the hole width you need!


Drill bit length is 37 inches. A 12-inch extension is offered, to allow access beneath frost lines. These auger rentals are mounted on trailers for safety and stability. Put their power to use, and finish an otherwise labor-intensive task with minimal mess and stress.


Lawn and garden equipment rentals at Tool Time Rental come with a full tank of gas. Return them full to prevent surcharges. A driver’s license and credit card are needed at time of rental.


Next time you’re organizing yard or planting bed projects, make Tool Time Rental the first stop in the process. Your back, joints and muscles will thank you for it!

Tool Time Rental Offers Landscaping & Lawn Garden Equipment Rental near Carrollville, WI